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Great Edition

American Eagle Coin

The 2022 gold American eagle’s reverse is an all-new design from Jennie Norris. A close-up profile of a bald eagle executed in astonishing detail, from the varying textures of the feathers on its head and neck to its piercing hunter’s eye.  It’s hard not to feel a chill of respect and pride when you lock eyes with it. It’s worth saying this again: the level of detail here is astonishing, so vivid you can almost see individual feathers moving in the wind.

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Gem Uncirculated

2022 1 oz Gold Buffalo Coin

Engraver Fraser created this design by combining the facial features of three real-world tribal leaders, Big Tree, Iron Tail and Two Moons who posed as models for him to sketch. The motto “Liberty” is also shown on the top right, along with the year of mintage and the letter “F” for Fraser.

The reverse depicts the majestic buffalo design carved after New York City’s Central Park Zoo bison, Black Diamond. There is no doubt that by acquiring this coin, you will own a piece of American history.

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